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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Johns Month(and a half); Avengers, World Trust.

... Yeah, sorry.
I had some trouble getting Johns' GL stuff, then my plan for how and when to review went down the toilet , and then I kinda never had time to do the theme month, with Christmas and stuff. Well, that means that there will be plenty of comics for me to review if I decides to do another Johns Month.
I decided to end with something... unusual. You see, Johns actually wrote comics for Marvel for a short period. Like the Avengers.
"Avengers: World Trust" is a TPB collecting the first six issues Johns' brief run on the Eath Mightiest heroes. I find it odd that Marvel would hand the book to a new-commer like Johns(it was in 2002), but I suppose that with his JSA and Flash comics, he was hot stuff. But World Trust is just a, well... standard story.
But maybe Johns was just warming up before giving the series his magic touch? It feels like that's the case, since the last issue(the best one) we sense who Johns is going to focus on, in this case: Ant-Man, Jack Of Hearts and the infamous Henry Gyrich. And it even feels like he won't go the easy way with Gyrich and just make him the government jerk, but actually want to show that he may be a jerk, but he is a well-meaning jerk.
Also, Falcon's often ridiculed ability to communicate with birds has never looked as awesome as it has here. But that's Johns for ya. He can take anything that the hordes consider lame(like Aquaman) and show us how wrong we were. I really want to see what else he did on his only 20 issue run on the series, and will try and get vol. 2 as soon as possible.
That was Johns Month. Sorry I didn't get to review Green Lantern. But hey, I have something to review next year. Happy new year, and happy birthday to me tomorrow.
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Marvel Two in One Annual 7 in 5 panels.

I am Champion, the supreme fighter of all existence, and I seek foes who can match my incredible power.
Then I, Thor, shall be you opponent!
No, because you are disqualified for using your hammer.
Then Hulk smash smash Blue Man, because Hulk is the strongest there is! Hulk...
Is disqualified for being a mindless brute. Also, Namor is disqualified, too.
... WHAT?! What for?
... Eh... For being... arrogant. Now, all there is left is the heroes I know I can defea... I MEAN, the opponents who are honorable fighters!
You, Ben Grimm, are the greatest warrior I have met. I can break your bones, but never your spirit, which makes you the one man I could not defeat... Until I'm turned into a joke in She-Hulk, which makes your triumph undone... 

Wonder Woman; Down To Earth in 5 panels.

Sorry people, no 5-panel. This comic is just not worth it.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Johns Month(and a half): Black Adam And Isis.

Black Adam is NOT evil.
I just want to be sure that you all understand that. Black Adam is, in fact, not evil.
He is brutal, has little to no tolerance for evil, and has no problem with killing. Does that make him a bad guy? No, it makes him a very angry man out of time. Think about it this way: in ancient Egypt, he was a great hero. Back then, the view of killing was different. The laws and culture was harsh, and you could be punished with loosing a hand, if you were caught pickpocketing. So the way Adam was raised, and the world he lived in 3000 years ago was WAY different from today's modern society.
There is so much you can do with a character like Black Adam. But instead, DC turned him into a evil meanie beanie. And the prime example of this is the JSA story-line; "Black Adam And Isis."
Atom Smasher(former JSA member) tells the JSA, that Black Adam is back, and offer them his assistance in bringing him to authorities for crimes during World War 3(the only thing wrong with pretty awesome series; "52").
And Black Adam IS back, and he has resurrected his dead wife Isis. Isis is a human with the power of her namesake, the Egyptian goddess. You see, she had suffered a horrible dead, right after seeing her brother being ripped apart, and her country being destroyed. So naturally, she is pretty pissed. And by pissed, I mean destroy-the-world pissed!
Yeah, the loving woman that we all liked from the great series 52 is now a crazy killer instead of a life-giving goddess. She even kills the people from her beloved kingdom. Yay...
And the worst part of it all; it's all blamed on Black Adam. Everyone has this bogus theory, that it is because Isis is corrupted by Adam that she went psycho-killer. This is bullcrap, since she is doesn't share her power with Adam like like Captain Marvel Junior share his power with Captain Marvel. Isis is a freaking god! And she is WAY more powerful than Adam, who only has been bestowed powers by the gods. AND, just to make maters worse, the same explanation is being used in order to explain why Mary Marvel became evil in "Final Crisis." This is not only bullcrap, it's also unnecessary, since it was already explained, that it was Deaad, evil torture of Apokolips. So it was, in fact, NOT Black Adam's fault. But hey, that's what we have retcon for.
In fact, retcon is one of the biggest problems with this story. And that's REALLY weird, since Johns has a reputation for writing stories that are pretty loyal to the history of the DCU. But here, he retcons the hell out of it! He even makes Adam the murderer of Billy Battson's parents!
THAT'S how it ends? That's... depressing!
The story ends when Adam realizes that his wife is out of control, and gives up his powers, so that the wizard Shazam can be reviewed(I don't know that that works) and take away his crazy wife's powers. But Shazam is still peeved, so he also turn Adam and Isis into statues, and tells Billy that he is a stupid brat and that he wont let him be Captain Marvel again.
A lot of people believes that internet critics are dorks who has nothing better to do than complain about meaningless stuff, because they don't have a girlfriend. That is not true. The reason we write blogs(or make videos) about how pissed off we are about a video-game, movie or, in this case, a comic-book, is because of passion. I love comic-books, Geoff Johns is one of my favorite writers, and I'm a fan of the DCU. These are the reasons to why I hate this story! Black Adam's character is ill-treated, the retcons was unnecessary, and the fact that we have to be reminded at least ones every page that all of this is Black Adam's fault is just irritating. I think of this as Johns' "Cry For Justice." And I think that it was here the quality of his stories started to drop a bit, and that he also started to use retcon more.
Man, this sucked. Next time, let's talk about a GOOD JSA comic.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Johns Month(and a half): Thy Kingdom Come.

Before we talk about this story, I better explain what "Kingdom Come" is.
"Kingdom Come" is a story about an alternative DCU, where Superman gave up the good fight, realizing that the people he swore to protect preferred brutal 90s heroes, who weren't afraid to kill. After Wonder Woman tells him to grow a pair, Superman get's out of his Fortress Of Solitude for the first time in 10 years, and realizes that the superheroes has gone out of control. He then reunites the Justice League in order to set things straight... AAAAAND then kinda screws it more up, by being TOO hard on the out-of-control heroes.
"Kingdom Come" is a glorious tale, and still my favorite comic-book of all time. If you haven't read it yet, you ought to. I would also like to recommend "The Kingdom", the sequel that sadly has a pretty bad reputation.
"JSA; Thy Kingdom Come" is a spin-off of a sort. The story takes place in the mainstream DCU, where Superman from the Kingdom Come universe by accident ends up there. And he is amazed to see a world that have not been ruined like his, and he praise all the heroes for not making the mistakes he and the other heroes in his world made He is pretty much the exact opposite of Superboy Prime! But he is also afraid, that what had happened in his world could happen is this one, and he ask the JSA for aid in order to find out if this world also has a Magog, the man who started the chaos in his world, and make sure that he wont do to this world what he did to Superman's.
Even though it's an awesome 14 issue(and three special issues) story it has a HUGE problem; it came too soon.
The series had just started, and had a lot of new characters(like Wildcat's son Tom, the new Amazing-Man and Lightning) and we didn't have a chance to get to know them properly before this huge story-arc started. It doesn't hurt the story, but it's not good for the team-book that we know so little about them, that they end up being fill-up characters. "Thy Kingdome Come" shouldn't have started at issue 9 of JSA, and we should have been given more time to let the new team-members grow on us. Also, this story(and the series) is much easier for you to read, if you have read the prior JSA series, since their is a lot of references to past events.
But it's still a pretty damn good story. Johns wrote the story with Alex Ross(artist supreme, as well as one of the two writers of "Kingdom Come") so the "Kingdom Come" magic is there. If "Kingdom Come" is about the abuse of authority, "Thy Kingdom Come" is about whatever you should accept authority. The JSA is divided, as they can't agree whatever they should accept the presence of a god-like being, and if he is to be trusted. The ending kinda feels like a cop-out, as there is only one solution, but it's still a good story about whatever one should leave his fate entirely in a god's hands.
And it has plenty of awesomeness, such as KC Superman punching freaking lightning!!!
That's all for now. Next time, we will take a look at the absolute WORST story Johns has ever written.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Johns Month(and a half): Next Age.

I actually wanted to talk about Johns' Green Lantern series, but I have to wait for it to be available in the library. So instead, let's talk about the second Justice Society series he wrote, starting with the opening story-arc; Next Age.
After "Infinite Crisis," the remaining founding members of the JSA(Wildcat, Green Lantern, Hawkman and Flash) has decided to make their mission to recruit as many heroes who take up legacies, in order to make sure that they truly know the name that they carry. But someone else is doing the exact same thing. Only, THEY are killing the heroes and their families, in order to end the legacy...
"Justice Society Of America; Next Age" is a well done start of a series, and a lot better than the JLA series that was published at the same time. In fact, I think I will point out the differences that makes "Next Age" superior to JLA's opening arc; "Tornado's Path."
First of all, "Next Age" actually has a better way to get the team together. The old JSA members discuss which heroes to recruit, and who they can help the most, and prioritize the ones with legacies they are the most familiar with(like the Atom, Red Tornado and Starman).
In "Tornado's Path" they might as well have picked their nose than picking candidates. With a team like the League, you would think that well-thought decisions would be of mayor importance, right? But nope, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman decides to pick the first bunch of guys they just so happens to fight Amazo with. Which means, that the hours of discussion they had spend on arguing about who they should get is worth the amount of:
(... I got to start making video reviews, so that I can use that clip...)
Another thing "Next Age" does better, is the plot. "Tornado's Path" is a mess, it's way more complicated than it needs to be. But "Next Age" is simple, straightforward, and yet; brilliant. The JSA fights Nazis, simple as that! And it's suiting that they should, since the JSA was founded in order to fight Nazis.
And finally, what "Next Age" does better than "Tornado's Path" is introducing us to the leader of the team.
You see, Power Girl was made the new leader of the JSA for two important reasons; A) Mr. Terrific can't, since he also has to worry about his responsibilities for the government agency Checkmate(even thought it apparently doesn't stop him from being on the team all the time), and B) Since the team is going to focus on the heroes of tomorrow, who better to led them than the JSA's very first rookie?
And who became the JLA's new leader? Black Cannery. Why? No idea!
It's wasn't explained, she just became the leader. But I have an idea to why, and it's probably going to make me sound like an ass for saying it. You see, my theory is, that she was made the leader because she was DC's most popular female character.
And normally, I wouldn't have a problem with a woman being in charge. But... there have to be a good reason. But there isn't, she just became leader. Issue six of Justice League Of America shows a hammer with her name on it, and that's it. No explanation, no buildup, no nothing. I'm not saying that the idea was bad, only that the execution was. And unlike Pee Gee, who takes charge of the JSA, we would never have guessed that Black Canary was the leader, if it wasn't because we had been told.
But I'm getting on a sidetrack. Bottom-line is: "Justice Society Of America; Next Age" is a pretty good opening for a team book. Next time, we shall take a look at the JSA storyline that came afterwards; Thy Kingdom Come!
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.