Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cartoon Month: Duel Masters.

How come no one likes the stuff I like?!
Such as the trading card game Duel Masters.
The game, as well as the animated series, has been accused of being a cheep Yu-Gi-Oh ripoff. But the game is more like a child-friendly version of Magic The Gathering. And the show has little to nothing to do with the plot of Yu-Gi-Oh.
Shobu Kirifuda haven't seen his father since the day he left him and his mother, leaving nothing behind but a deck of Duel Masters cards for his son. Since that day, Shobu has practiced playing Duel Masters, hoping to be a Kaijudo-master(someone who can summon real monsters) like his father.
But when Shobu is invited to a temple that worships the game, he begin to realize that being a Kaijudo-master MAY not be as fun as he thought it would be...
Let's be honest here; the show is not genius. But it's still entertaining. And calling it a Yu-Gi-Oh ripoff is unfair. Sure, Shobu has weird hair that KINDA looks like Yugi's, but that's pretty much it. His personality is completely different, and he doesn't even dress like him. And unlike Yugi who doesn't rely on one tactic, Shobu is more of a "attack first, plan later" kind of guy. His goal is different as well(to become a Kaijudo master and find his father).
In fact, let's try to see who is ripping off who:
In the Duel Masters cartoon, we have a hero who are not exactly the brightest bulb on the porch, but has a talent for trading-card games. He loves the game, and enjoys every match, even if he ends up as the loser:
His best friend is a little dork with glasses who sucks at the game:
And his rival is a prick dressed in black, who think that he is better than everyone else. And even though he despise our hero, he ends up supporting him:
Our hero learns that the monsters from the game are real, and travels into the dimension where they live:
I think I speak for everyone when I say; What's wrong with this picture?!
Anyway, back to the review;
There are a couple of reasons to why I enjoyed the DM series more than Yu-Gi-Oh. The first being that the games goes a lot faster, so that we won't lose interest due to filler dialogue between the players who can use minutes talking about WHAT their cards can do, and HOW they will use them instead of, you know, DO IT!
Another thing I like about the DM show is that it doesn't take itself TOO seriously. The people who translated the series to English knew from the start that the entire premise was silly and ridicules and made the show part parody and yet make it possible to keep the heart of the show. And that was two years Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged episode 1!
All I'm saying is that if you like cardgame TV-shows and can accept that it in theory is a stupid concept, then you might enjoy Duel Masters. It has some nice games, a fair potion of drama and some pretty cool computer-animated monsters.
So, that's my thoughts of the Yu-Gi-Oh ripoff. Next time, I will talk about a Pokemon ripoff.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cartoon Month: Oban Star Racers.

I'm more than just a comic-book nerd, you know.
I'm also a cartoon-show geek.
Even though I love the comic-book media, a break now and then can be a good thing. And in order to make sure that there will still be some activity in seriously, I needed some weeks ago), I will let July be the month where I tel you about animated shows that I love as much as comics.
Starting with what was my favorite show when I was a teenager; Oban Star Racers.
OSR is the story about the 15 year old Eva, who has been living in a boarding school for ten years after the death of her mother. But her father, the famous racing manager Don Wei, is still alive, and Eva decides to find him after she finally manege to run away from the school.
And she does find him... But he does not recognize her. Confused and intimidated of her father who has become a harsh man, she loses her nerves, lies that her name is Molly, and instead get's a job as a mechanic on his racing crew.
But fate has it that Molly shall be the pilot representing Earth in the greatest race of all time; The Great Race Of Oban, an event held each 10,000 years where racers from all over the universe compete for the Ultimate Prize.
Oban Star Racers is a great colorful adventure, if anything a bit short(only 26 episodes). The animation may be a bit odd(humans without noses), but still excellent. The races are action-packed, the landscapes wonderful and the aliens and their racing-verticals are very creatively designed.
As second season starts, we realize that if this competition was more than just a race, it is most defiantly more now. As the competition goes on, the races becomes harsher and the pilots more brutal, all of them ready to do anything to win. Each of them has a dream that they are ready to throw away their self-respect and decency for. Friendship and mutual respect becomes a luxury that you can't afford. Honor and fair play becomes irrelevant.
I highly recommend this overlooked gem of an animated TV-show. My favorite episode is episode 11, furthering my favorite character through the entire series; Spirit, a mute, shape-changing alien who can transform into his own ship. And he also plays an important role in Molly's past.
Unfortunately, the DVD is a little difficult to find due to it being A; a bit old, and B; a Jetix series. But it should be possible to find it on Amazon, and all the episodes can be found on YouTube.
That's all for now. Next time, I will take a look on a series about a boy with spiky hair who saves the day by playing cardgames.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ultimate Fantastic Four: Doom in 5 panels.

You shall feel my wrath, Reed Richards. I, Victor Van Damme, Will personalla-

WAIT! Hold on, stop, time out... Your name... is Damn?

... Well, that's not how it's spelled, but yes, that's how it's pronounced. Why?

Oh, no reason, besides that it sounds freaking stupid! Why would Bendis change the name of one of the most beloved/hated villains in comic history?!

Perhaps making a more likely last-name than Doom?

Oh, PLEASE! That name is even more villain-stereotypically than Doom! He might as well have named you Count Dracula!

Actually, I'm a late ascendant of Dracula.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! Now you REALLY ARE a silly comic-villain! You might as well walk around with a tophat and a mustache to twirl!

Dude, relax! Aren't you suppose to summarize the comic?

I don't give a Damme anymore!

Monday, June 8, 2015

All of the costumed geeks from Copenhagen Comics 2015.

Here are all of the cos-players from the Copenhagen Comics festival.

Top 9 cos-play of Copenhagen Comics 2015.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that there was a lot of great costumes this year, and that they were all great(except for that one guy who dressed up as Krypto the Superdog). So this list is not about the best cos-players, but what costumes I liked the best. And I will later post ALL of the pictures I took of cos-players.
But let's get on with it. Here is my personal top 9 cos-play of Copenhagen Comics 2015:

Number 9: Peter Pan.

Could have been placed higher on the list if she didn't make the mistake of bringing a shield. EVERYONE knows that Peter doesn't use a shield.

Number 8: Guy with a gun.

Because when a man points his weapon at you, you don't have that many choices but to put him on your damn list.

Number 7: Marceline.

Respect the Vampire Queen!

Number 6: Batman.


Number 5: Raven.

Even though she looked too happy.

Number 5: Miles Morales.

Extra points for ACTUALLY being black.

Number 4: Brock.

Now, THIS was a cos-player who took the role seriously. In order to look as much as Brock as possible, this Cos-player had her eyes closed through the ENTIRE weekend. It of coarse meant that she kept tripping over her own feet, slammed herself into other people and entered the men's room.
But she did it with dignity!

Number 3: Sam, Clover and Alex.

So I like Totally Spies. SUE ME!

Number 2: Princess Bubblegum.

A nice detail is that this cos-player managed to find a midget to fit into the Peppermint Butler costume.

And now, the number one cos-play of Copenhagen Comics 2015:

Now THIS lady obviously use a lot of time to make her costume perfect.
The use of makeup is just right, and the wig is very believable.
And the beard was made out of actual hair collected from a barber-shop. No doubt about it, this Waezi2 cos-player is the uncrowned queen of cos-players.
... Oh, and the one next to her was good too, I guess. But not even close to this list's number one. But if you like her costume, I guess you should tell her on her Facebook page:
That's all for now. Next time, I will post the rest of the geeks in costumes.
I'm Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.